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Johanna Parker x Lipstick & Chrome Halloween Collection

It's almost that time of Year again - not just Halloween, but a new collection launch by Johanna Parker and Lipstick & Chrome! And it is a pleasure to be able to introduce you to this spooky-but-cute collection.


Broomhilda the Witch, £26

You may recognise Broomhilda from Halloween past - she has had a recolour for this Year; reimagined with beautiful red locks, a super cute purple dress and check out the green stripe tights! Size: 3"

A little more about Broomhilda (just for fun)

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite Movie: Hocus Pocus 2

Favourite UK Sweets: Tutti Fruttis

Love Interest: Frankie

Frankie, £26

A new character this Year, Frankie is ready for a night of trick or treating with his beau, Broomhilda! Size: 3"

A little more about Frankie

Favourite Colour: Green

Favourite Movie: The Munsters Movie

Favourite UK Sweets: Fizzy Glow Worms

Love Interest: Broomhilda

Stack O'Jacks, £26

This cheeky pumpkin trio are just too cute not to complement all of your outfits this Halloween! Size: 3"

A little more about this crazy trio

Favourite Colour: Orange

Favourite Movie: The Three Amigos!

Favourite UK Sweets: Foamy Fangs

Funny Fact: Our biggest pumpkin pal weighs in at 2624 lbs!!

Lolligagger, £26

Another character making a comeback from Halloween past, this sneaky black cat, is ready to give you both tricks and treats this Halloween. He looks handsome with his sparkly glitter acrylic. Size: 3"

A little more about Lolligagger

Favourite Colour: Yellow

Favourite Movie: Coraline

Favourite UK Sweets: Lollipops, of course!

Funny Fact: I'm ready for any party - see, I have my hat on ready! HeeHeeHee

Batty Scatter Pin/Hair Clip, £12.95

Little Batty can be purchased as either a scatter pin or a hair clip to add that something little extra to your look!

Size: 1.5" across

A little more about Batty

Favourite Colour: Turquoise

Favourite Movie: Batman

Favourite UK Sweets: I'm more a Ritz biscuits kinda gal!

Funny Fact: I can find my food in total darkness - Yay to midnight feasts!

If you love this freakishly fab family so much that you would like to purchase one, all new Johanna Parker x Lipstick & Chrome collection orders will be sent in a special Halloween box containing spooky sweets, stickers and a complimentary pin!

I am expecting stock to arrive on/around 20th September so please bear that in mind before ordering.

I'd love to know in the comments below, your favourite Halloween movie and sweets! My favourite movie I'd say is Mama and my favourite sweets are anything 'jelly' so lets go with some big jelly brains! Mwahahaaaaa

Marie x

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