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Erstwilder x Strawberry Shortcake - Available Soon!

"In a land of sweetness, fair and bright,

Where berries dance in morning light,

There roams a girl with apron white,

With laughter pure and eyes so bright.

Strawberry Shortcake, her name so sweet,

In her heart, joy's endless beat,

With berry friends, a merry fleet,

Her world's a treat, a pure retreat.

Amidst the orchards, fields of gold,

She spins her tales, always bold

With kindness as her stories mould,

In Strawberryland, love unfolds.

So here's to her, this maiden fair,

With strawberry scent in the air,

In her world, love's always there,

Strawberry Shortcake, beyond compare"

I'm a '79 gal, so Strawberry Shortcake was absolutely part of my childhood! You can probably imagine my excitement when I discovered that my incredible pals over at Erstwilder were releasing a beautiful licensed collection with Strawberry Shortcake!

Oh My, Marie! will be stocking the brooches and necklaces from the collection, and will be launching the collection at 01:30am on Tuesday 19th March.

Brooches are priced at £23.95/£28.95 and the necklace will be priced at £67.95

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